5 Ideas For Eye Popping Curb Appeal

5 Ideas For Eye Popping Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make a property shine, and can truly make a strong first impression on potential home buyers or tenants. Simple curb appeal and landscaping improvements will be the first thing that potential buyers or tenants will see and can draw them in and set a lasting first impression. There are many simple and cost effective improvements that will spice up the exterior of your building. A beautiful landscape can do more than just improve the appearance of your property. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help make your home pop.

1.) Lawn Care & Maintenance

As simple and obvious as this may sound, it is an extremely important piece of curb appeal that many people overlook. It is incredibly important to maintain your properties' lawns because neglecting lawn care can be one of the biggest eyesores of a property. Having a well manicured lawn with consistent stripping patterns will make you property look fresh and help attract qualified tenants.

2.) Mulch or Crushed Stone

Another quick fix that can really dress up the outside of your rental property or home is a perimeter of mulch or crushed stone around your building. Not only does this help improve the cosmetic aspect of the property, it helps with drainage around your building and can help deter water buildup around your foundation. It may also help keep small children away from the edge of the building where there might be a lead paint presence in the soil from runoff.

3.) Clutter Free Porches and Common Areas

In Burlington, Vermont, where living quarters can be tight, it is important to remind tenants and residents that they share a building with other neighbors and must be respectful of that fact. Crowded porches and common areas are not only a major eyesore but can also be a major fire hazard. It is important to keep porches and common areas clean and free of clutter for safety reasons. This is a very simple yet important factor when dealing with curb appeal and safety.

4.) Fresh Paint

Another incredibly simple and obvious thing that many property owners and property managers overlook is fresh paint on the exterior of your house. Repainting your house or investment property can not only make your house look much cleaner, it can help raise your property value. Most houses and apartment buildings in Vermont are very old and were built before 1978, which means that there may be a lead paint presence at your building. To keep in compliance with the state and federal regulations you are required to perform Essential Maintenance Practices each year. Painting your house and abiding by state and federal laws can protect you and your tenants.

5.) Eye Catching Landscape Design

A beautiful landscape can draw the attention of passersby. A colorful garden with many plants and flowers or a rock wall structure will turn heads. Making a strong first impression is hugely important and having a garden full of flowers will do just that. Plant perennials to ensure that you will have a beautiful garden each year, with minimal work!

These are just a few simple and cost effective tips that can not only help make a great first impression on potential buyers or tenants, but also help keep you and your residents safe!